Sandbox Film Shortlisted For PSA Award


The Sandbox community of filmmakers housed at Spier Films, has had their 1-minute PSA short-listed for the international One Minute to Save the World awards.

This short film competition focuses on climate change. Entries will be used as a platform in a global campaign for the planet. The aim is to rally public and political support in the lead up to the Copenhagen Climate Conference and continuing until CO2 targets have been met.;

The Sandbox filmmakers embrace high production values, high artistic merits and commercial sensibility. They recognize that film is an art and a business and are focused on both. They are producing three feature films over the next 18 months all aimed at indigenous audiences and expect all to be profitable.

One of their key aims is to work with emerging talent and make multiple films together so that they can collectively build a following for indigenous work.

You can see the Sandbox spot at:

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Justine Solomon
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