Big 3D focus at SMPTE conference


Numerous 3D-related technical sessions and panel discussions led by technical experts from media leaders such as Dolby Labs, FOX Network, DTS, and RealD will feature at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Annual Conference & Expo, which runs from 27 to 29 October at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel, Hollywood, California.

The 3D sessions will include one focused on the multi-view 3D technology required to support glasses-free displays and viewing. Says Matt Cowan, a 3D expert and chief scientific officer of RealD: “The technology for these multi-view 3D displays is in its early stages of development and there are a number of interesting technical challenges being solved.’ Cowan will lead a technical session that will examine standardisation activities and address whether eyewear will always be required to see 3D images.

Other 3D-related technical sessions will address a variety of issues along the content chain, including: distribution of 3D content within MPEG compression structures; addressing the challenges involved in distributing stereoscopic (glasses required) 3D and multi-view 3D content to the home; overcoming the challenges of getting stereoscopic 3D content from live event venues – such as sports stadiums – to theaters while maintaining high quality; and, standardising screen brightness for theatrical 3D presentations. 

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