Format comedies for kids


At MIPJUNIOR which took place in Cannes, France, over the weekend of 3 and 4 October, short-format comedies targeting kids 6 to 11 were very popular with buyers.

The top three most-viewed shows by buyers attending MIPJUNIOR all fall into the short-format category.

According to youth programme executives, younger audiences have not been exposed to live-action shows and videogames and short-formats therefore work well for the 6 – 9-year olds.

Live-action shows which are cheaper to produce than toons were also making a comeback. Where necessary these shows are dubbed into various languages to facilitate sales.

Nickelodeon presented live action programme The Troop, a mix of sci-fi adventure and comedy. RDF Media showcased Frankentwins, developed by Andy Watts.  More than half of Japan’s web NHK slate comprises live-action and has overtaken animation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage of MIPJUNIOR, during a recession, broadcasters focus on library catalogues and established brands. “They are interested in shows that make them stand apart from competitors,” said Philippe Soutter of Paris-based PGS Entertainment, whose sales slate includes Iron Man and The Little Prince.
“It’s a tougher time for everyone,” Borkent said. “In the past we would do more co-production in local markets, specifically in the UK, but now we look for programmes that can work for all our networks and as much as possible we try to collaborate with the US. That’s a way we can find the funding.”

The fourth-most viewed programme at MIPJUNIOR was DQE’s The Jungle Book.  The CGI-toon is co-produced by Germany’s ZDF and France’s Moonscoop.


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