New SA horror movie


A new South African horror movie, Night Drive, produced by The Film Factory goes into production on 29 August.

Night Drive is a gritty thriller/horror, set against the backdrop of the romantic African bushveld, where an eclectic mix of tourists is left stranded during a night drive. It is only when they realize that they are being hunted by a group of poachers that the terror truly begins. The film is set in the present day and over one night only.

The Film Factory felt it was a natural choice to approach director Justin Head, known for his passion for Africa and the bush, to write and direct Night Drive.

The who’s who of actors have jumped at the chance to star in the movie, says The Film Factory. The stellar cast includes, amongst others; Corine Du Toit (Egoli, Getroud Met Rugby), Brandon Auret (Isidingo, Hansie – The Movie, Angels Song), Leroy Gopal (Backstage, Home Affairs, Scarred Instinct), Greg Melvill-Smith (Mr Bones, 7de Laan, The Bang Bang Club), Clare Marshall (Run for your Wife, Wife begins at 40, Feast of the Uninvited), Yule Masiteng (Mzansi, Scandal, Jozi H), David Sherwood (Shaka Zulu, King Solomon’s Mines, Hansie – The Movie) and Akin Omotoso (Generations, Big Oakes, Isidingo).

Producers C A van Aswegen and James Carroll will not yet reveal who will be playing the lead character role but confirm that he will be instantly recognizable to many television drama series’ fans.

Says Van Aswegen: “From the outset, we have had plans for Night Drive to be released internationally. Since ‘The African Safari’ plays such an important role in experiencing the ‘dark continent’, there is going to be an immediate connection and affiliation with audiences everywhere in the world, not only in South Africa.”
He continues; “We have already received tremendous interest internationally to release in other territories, so with this in mind we needed to cast an actor who possessed the qualities of an international star. After a long search, we believe we have found him! “

Night Drive is currently in pre-production and will begin shooting in various locations around South Africa, from 29 August until the end of September 2009 with plans to release in 2010.


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