Poking fun at celeb adoptions in Africa


Africans have been somewhat bemused by the celeb trend of adopting babies from Africa. Now Pauly Shore (Son In Law; Pauly Shore Is Dead), has made a hilarious no-holds-barred “mockumentary” film, Adopted, about this new fad amongst the stars to come to Africa to adopt a child. This film, shot in and around South Africa, will be released at Ster-Kinekor Theatres’ cinemas nationwide from this Friday, 24 July 2009.

Hunta Films, Landing Patch Productions & Terraplane present Adopted: Shore believes that he can leave his playboy past behind for good and start an instant family. He starts practicing for fatherhood by taking a variety of “orphans” on day-trips – as many other stars have done on our shores before. After getting help from a social worker friend, Pauly takes an orphan-a-day while he explores this strange country full of weird and wonderful people, with disastrous and side-splittingly funny results.

Meeting real people in real chaotic situations along the way, Pauly stumbles along the adoption trail, stepping on toes and poking fun at the current fascination with celebrity adoptions; inappropriate at times, politically incorrect, but hysterically funny.

Adopted was given its first breath of life in July 2007. A phone call from Los Angeles to South Africa regarding the Jozi Comedy Festival, which Pauly Shore was going to host in Johannesburg, was the catalyst to the whirlwind two week-filming of Adopted. That call was the first ‘meeting’ between Pauly Shore, the writer and director of Adopted, and Sam Hendrikse, the Comedy Festival Director and executive producer of the film.

The call lead to a 30 minute creative conversation about the possibility of shooting something with Pauly while in South Africa, to document his trip. Pauly explains: “The film came about organically. My agent called me to ask if I wanted to perform in Johannesburg and I said awesome because I have always wanted to travel to Africa. Via email Sam and I became mates. So when we eventually spoke on the phone, I mentioned that I like to capitalize on every opportunity and I gotta make a film while I am down there. He got excited about the idea but we didn’t really know what is was going to be – there was no concept.”

However, a set of crew were booked for the period of Pauly’s stay, starting with the idea of a road trip TV or film project showing Pauly, “the fish out of water” performing live shows and interacting with African culture. On his arrival Pauly and Hendrikse spent time brainstorming possible themes around a road movie, which led to the idea of “What if Pauly adopted an African child on the way?” and once that creative mine had been opened, the comedy nuggets kept on coming.

“If something as topical as adoption on African soil is handed to you by a Hollywood comedian known for his over the top crazy antics in the form of a film, you don’t let this pass you by. Adoption is a serious matter but as a promoter of comedy in SA for the last 15 years, I have learned that comedians are mouthpieces for social issues and highlighting adoption with humour helps an audience dive into the depths of its core,” says exec producer Sam Hendrikse.

Adopted was shot in the most diverse circumstances South Africa could offer. From wildlife-filled, Big 5 game reserves to impoverished informal settlements and, on the other extreme, in five star hotels in the affluent suburbs of Cape Town and beyond.


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