Creative Circle endorses Pendoring


Pendoring, South Africa’s Afrikaans advertising awards which promote and acknowledge excellence in Afrikaans advertising, has been endorsed by the Creative Circle, official representative body for the creative advertising community in South Africa.
The decision by the Creative Circle executive committee to officially endorse the Pendoring Advertising Awards, comes after years of discussion between representatives of the two organisations to foster relationships in pursuit of excellence in South African advertising.
With this official Creative Circle endorsement, Pendoring hopes to encourage agencies to enter their innovative and dynamic advertising in full force for Pendoring 2009.
In a statement released this week, Rob McLennan, Creative Circle chairperson, says: " The Creative Circle fully understands and appreciates the importance of an awards ceremony that  celebrates Afrikaans advertising and the culture of the Afrikaans language.
“In an environment where it has become increasingly important to celebrate all languages, cultures and traditions, Pendoring has actually gone out and done it. While there is a fear that we can’t be seen to be favouring one culture over another, Pendoring has come a far way in recognising other cultures. 

“Obviously we have to be aware that we’re playing in a global arena, at the same time, whether it’s the Loeries or Pendorings, it is much more important that our advertising resonates in our own market and celebrates South African advertising and culture, than to endorse international advertising campaigns.

 “Similar to what the Eagle Awards have achieved to raise the standard and profile of print advertising,  the Pendoring Awards have done for Afrikaans advertising. Through the Eagle Awards, print advertising has become South Africa’s biggest scoring section at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.  In the same way, the Pendoring Awards can only help us create better advertising, hence the Creative Circle’s  support for and endorsement of these awards.”

Adds senior Pendoring coordinator Franette Klerck: “The fact that the Pendoring Advertising Awards, after fifteen years of existence, now officially enjoy the Creative Circle’s endorsement and support, clearly shows the extent to which Pendoring’s stature has grown in the advertising industry over time.”

  • Pendoring entries opened last month and full details are available on the Pendoring website at The closing date for entries is 17 July and judging takes place in the second week of August. The prestigious gala event where all the winners are announced, is on 18 September at Vodaworld, Midrand.


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