Khanyi Mbau reality show on web & TV


The 23-year old socialite Khanyi Mbau, will soon have a reality show of her own. Mbau has signed a deal with a local company, Digital Shrapnel, to produce the show for internet and television.

"These are still early days, but I’m very excited about the coming show. It will be a chance for people to see what’s really going on in my life, not the lies that the tabloids dish up every day about me to sell more newspapers."

Digital Shrapnel is a new media company that aims to use every outlet to capitalise on the
Mbau brand. The company has already begun shooting intimate moments in Mbau’s life.

"Khanyi’s life is emblematic of the journey of youth in post-apartheid South Africa," says
Digital Shrapnel producer Natalie Stange. "Although she’s only 23 years old, yet she’s lived the highs and lows of someone much older. And the brilliant thing is that she is unapologetic about who she is, and what she wants from life. We believe that South Africans across the board will be captivated by her daily struggles and crazy adventures."

In an innovative move, the company plans to launch the Khanyi reality show on the internet first.  If all goes according to plan, Khanyi’s fans will soon be able to log onto a cool new website to view her personal video journal and other related clips. They will also be able to download Khanyi clips directly onto their cellphones. The company is in talks with a couple of local broadcasters to provide the show’s television platform.


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