Panasonic develops 3D HD system


A world leader in high definition (HD) technology, Panasonic Corporation has announced its intention to develop a professional 3D full HD production system, expected to be the first of its kind. The system consists of a twin-lens P2 professional camera recorder and a 3D-compatible HD plasma display.

Panasonic recently successfully debuted the world’s first 3D full HD plasma home theatre system based on plasma display and Blu-ray disc technologies. The company also established the Advanced Authoring Centre within Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory in February this year, to support Hollywood studios in developing 3D full HD Blu-ray disc titles.

At present, 3D content producers have to hand-build their own 3D production systems by physically connecting multiple 2D production devices. Each component of Panasonic’s innovative 3D gull HD production system has unique features. The twin-lens P2 camera recorder enables the capturing of natural and high-quality live 3D images. Due to the non-mechanical solid-state construction of the P2 system, the camera recorder will be compact enough to allow more flexible 3D shooting.

3D Full HD recording using Panasonic’s proprietary P2 system also enables recording of two channels of full HD images on the P2 card.

As Panasonic’s 3D drive system enables the display of full HD moving pictures for the left and the right eyes, large screen 3D viewing will become possible.


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