Nigeria/ Zim feature


The Zimbabwe I Know, the first ever collaboration between Zimbabwean and Nigerian filmmakers, could be the next feature film production to come out of Zimbabwe before the end of the year.

Written by Tavonga Mafundikwa, a popular actor aka “CC” in the country’s local soap, The Saga, it is already in pre-production and will be used as a marketing tool for the country’s tourism industry, whose international arrivals have been reduced to a trickle due to political turmoil.

Nigerian owned film company Oketex Investments, in announcing its plans to co-produce a film in Zimbabwe, has indicated not only that the country is rich in acting talent, but mainly that the country can show its full potential in the art of filmmaking at a time of great grieving.

Talking to the media recently, the owner of Oketex, Amarachi George Okele, expressed great enthusiasm about working in Zimbabwe and helping to improve the country’s film industry. In what seems a major boost for the country’s film production sector, the producer indicated that the initial plans would include up to 70% of Zimbabwean cast with 30% going to Nigerian actors.

Read more in the March 2009 issue of Screen Africa


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