Industry fights for IP rights


A meeting between public broadcaster SABC, the South African Screen Federation (SASFED) and the Independent Producers, Organisation (IPO) is likely to take place in mid March to discuss their jointly commissioned research into television content procurement practices and regulation of intellectual property (IP) rights.

Conducted by Mkhabela Huntley Adekeye Inc in consultation with Spoor and Fisher Attorneys, the research studied legal and commercial practice in the UK, US, Canada, India and Brazil, as well as South Africa.

The research document, Unlocking the creative and economic potential of the South African television sector Ð Recommendations for legal, regulatory and commissioning practice changes, was published three months ago. It refers to the “heart of the matter” as being “the exploitation of intellectual property rights across the spectrum”.

Both SASFED and the IPO have been in discussions with the SABC since 2006 on the need to update their respective rights and obligations with regard to commissioned programming. SABC’s agreement to the research was regarded as a major breakthrough in the independent production sector’s long and protracted quest for fair terms of trade and ownership of IP.

Read more in the March 2009 issue of Screen Africa


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