Fresh Eye welcomes new directing talent


Dani Hynes (nee Vlismas) has gone from freelance copywriter and creative director to director at Fresh Eye Film Production.

After winning her fair share of awards she has decided to turn her passion for film, clever storytelling and an obsession with aesthetics into her ideal job.

Having worked both locally and abroad Dani has realized that across the globe creatives, clients, viewers and consumers are all essentially the same. Human.

"I once had a creative director who loved saying ‘Advertising is the uninvited guest at the dinner party. When it arrives it had better be interesting.  I always thought that resonated because essentially good ads are about good story telling. I am always surprised when people think that writing and directing make strange bedfellows. Whether it’s a pen or a camera they both do the same thing and in the right hands they can tell great stories. Although hedgehogs and jellyfish, now they are strange bedfellows."


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