Mobile TV subscribers on the rise


Mobile TV services will increase revenue for mobile operators suffering from declining voice revenue and will yield nearly 250 million subscribers worldwide by 2010 according to reports by industry research firm RNCOS. According to the new report Global Mobile TV Forecast to 2010, the rise in worldwide mobile TV subscribers will be at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 60% through 2010.

Global Mobile TV Forecast to 2010 is an extensive study of the Mobile TV market across the world and provides information on the current and future scenario. The report has taken into account major developed and emerging mobile TV markets and analyses various mobile TV revenue models that could play a critical role in the adoption of mobile TV. According to RNCOS the services and viewing experience of mobile TV is very different from that of traditional TV viewing as it enables users to watch their favourite programs while on the move.

The report suggests that the marketplace for mobile TV will vary from country to country and will be shared between TV services offered through cellular and broadcast methods. The analyst expects mobile TV over cellular networks to score immense growth, with nearly 155 million subscribers worldwide by 2010. Subscribers will likely be concentrated in most of the developed and some developing countries. The number of TV broadcasting service users is projected to reach around 95 million by 2010 on the back of growing availability of broadcast-enabled phones and increasing auction of mobile TV standards. Wide-scale adoption of Mobile TV will change the fortune of global mobile operators already burdened with expensive 3G licenses and reeling under the pressure of continuously declining revenue from voice services.

Source : Content to Mobile (C2M)


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