Gender Violence gets bloody


Goldfish Films has organised a unique protest against gender violence. On Sunday 14 December, they have organised for the South African Blood Services to come and take blood from all willing men, women and kids at a location in Randburg.

According to producer/director Alethea Lindsay, while the blood will go to the blood bank, this is not the real reason behind the call for blood. “Instead we’re going to send a metaphorical message to government and it goes as follows: if you are not prepared to put in place additional measures to ensure the safety of women and children in South Africa (ie if you’re not going to stop innocent blood being spilt), then we give our blood to you before it is taken from us – very dramatic I know.”

Goldfish Films will be filming the blood donation as part of a scene in a satirical documentary they are making on gender violence. 

If you would like to take part in this piece of activism (your face will not appear if you prefer), please contact the producers on 082 323 3626 / 011 658 1532 or email It is important to let Goldfish know about your participation so they know how many beds to book.


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