Creative Circle does away with points systems


The Creative Circle exco has decided unanimously to do away with the existing creative points system, (but not an official creative circle agency table), for a number of reasons.

Firstly, one of the reason’s the points system was created was because various publications and others in the industry were creating their own points list which differed from each other, which created a bunch of confusion in the marketplace. So the idea was to standardise the points for all the endorsed awards festivals, and then for the creative circle to take ownership of that and release a yearly table by agency group and immediately after every endorsed award.

Much debate reigned post the last Loerie awards. The points system was interpreted in a number of different permutations by the industry and the agency groups, depending on how an agency or agency group wanted to swing it, compounded by the fact that an initial different Loerie points list was sent out first, followed by an official Creative Circle one.

There have also been more complaints over the amount of awards versus quality versus amount of points versus etc. than ever before.

So after seeing the Olympics table in the morning paper a little while ago, it struck exco that their table is simple, works universally, without language, without caveats and explanations. By scanning the Olympic results table, one can immediately pick up who is the overall winner, and who has won the most golds, silvers etc, leaving everyone with a much clearer picture of who the strongest agency is in terms of quantity and quality.

But the Creative Circle will still endorse the same list of awards, which at this stage remain the same. A ratified table per endorsed award will be released and an official yearly table from the Creative Circle for publishing, (including the Loeries awards). All of the award results will be issued and ranked as a agency group and then again as a individual agency.

The existing points system will remain until the end of the calendar year.


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