Pay TV holds on in midst of financial crunch


Executives at the Goldman Sachs Communicopia Conference said that, while there was no doubt the pending US downturn would impact customers, they were all fairly certain the average US consumer would not cut back on cable or satellite bills.

The average American will keep paying to watch television and escape it all
“As we look around us at the economy, the subscription part of the business has done well,” said Glenn Britt, chief executive of Time Warner Cable Inc, the second largest cable operator in the US. “I think people look to television as something they can depend on,” said Chase Carey, Chief Executive of DirecTV Group, the largest satellite TV provider. “They cut out restaurants, they cut out theatres, but television is something they can hang on to in tough times,” said Carey.

Investors have typically seen pay-TV stocks as recession proof or recession resistant because Americans were more likely to try and save money by staying at home to watch TV then go out.


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