Sicilian Film Festival


Arthouse audiences will be able to sample the best of Sicilian cinema between 19 and 22 September at Cinema Nouveau screened by Fish Eagle in the East Rand’s Bedford Centre.

The Sicilian Film Festival will feature two films from multiple award-winning director, Roberto Ando, Viaggio segreto and Il Manoscritto del Principe, both of which have earned the respect of film critics in festivals around the world, including a nod for Best New Director for Il Manoscritto del Principe.

Winner of the FEDIC Award at the 2000 Venice Film Festival and the Golden Egret Award for Best Screenplay at the 2002 Miami Latin Film Festival, Placido Rizzotto is also part of the Festival line-up.

Other films to be screened are L’Uomo delle Stelle, Rosso Malpelo and La Passione di Giosue l’Ebreo.

For more info please log on to: for screening details on the film festival.


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