SA wildlife doc screens internationally


The National Geographic Wild six-part series profiling some of the planet’s most dangerous creatures, will include a South African made documentary about Great White Sharks.

The local film is directed by expedition biologist and researcher Ryan Johnson and premiered on US television last week. The film is to be screened on National Geographic”s international channels and is expected to be repeated regularly over five years to an estimated audience of 100 million viewers

The film was shot in Mossel Bay and features footage of Great White Sharks hunting seals at night. According to National Geographic, this is the first time that this remarkable sight has been caught on film.

Johnson and his team manually tracked the Great Whites for over 600 hours to get the footage that provides valuable information on the hunting successes, effort and the patrol patterns of the ocean predators.

Johnson hails from New Zealand but completed his masters in zoology at the University of Pretoria. The documentary is based on his thesis into the behaviour of Great White Sharks.


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