First time branded online show goes to TV


It was revealed by MindShare Entertainment president David Lang during the conference Breaking The Mould that the groundbreaking, multiplatform, online comedy series In the Motherhood is the first ever branded entertainment show to cross to TV. “ABC has optioned the show for primetime,’ he said.

Last year, Lang brokered a collaboration between agency clients Unilever and Sprint to create the branded entertainment smash. Leveraging MindShare’s relationship with the media and entertainment communities, the three companies partnered to combine original, user-generated ideas with Hollywood-style writing and production quality for the Motherhood series which branded Unilever’s Suave and mobile operator Sprint.

According to Lang, immersive entertainment experiences have gained in popularity due to the availability of different media platforms. The move to TV exposure is particularly valuable and relevant contextual content will engage consumers, said Lang.

The clear objectives of Unilever and Sprint were met by the show. Unilever’s Suave was aimed at busy mothers on a budget who need to do the best for their children while still looking after themselves, said Unilever’s Laura Klauberg. Sprint “knows that Mums are the CEOs of the home, and we wanted to connect with them on that level. But all of us needed to get comfortable with risk because making long-form content is very different to making 30-second TV spots.’


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