Extreme Slow Motion For Beijing Olympics


I-Movix announced on 2 June that SprintCam Live V2, the extreme live slow-motion solution, has been chosen for the Beijing Olympics. For a variety of events, SprintCam Live V2 will provide extreme slow-motion coverage in HD at up to 8,000 frames per second with instant replay.

Launched in 2007, SprintCam Live delivers a combination of extremely high frame rates with the instant replay capability essential for live broadcasting, together with real-time image controls. Host broadcaster Beijing Olympic Broadcast (BOB) will deploy and operate SprintCam Live systems in mobile units located at the major Olympic venues.

Using Photron cameras and Fujinon lenses, SprintCam Live provides a very high quality of imagery in both SD and HD (720p and 1080i). SprintCam Live’s operator control panel (OCP) provides real-time control of image-quality settings including gamma, knee, white balance, and black balance.

SprintCam Live V2 is easily integrated into a mobile broadcast setup and can be used as a stand-alone solution. SprintCam Live V2 comprises a camera, a camera control unit (CCU), an OCP, and a slow-motion remote control. Installation and operation are quick and simple; directors, cameramen, and production team require virtually no training.


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