Film fest to build student filmmakers


Bafundi Film and Television Festival, a collaboration between Wits University, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC), will commence on 16 March 2008 at the Wits Theatre in Johannesburg.

The festival themed “Building Professionals’ will see student filmmakers showcasing their work to the general public and honing their skills. This initiative will also serve as a platform to develop the quality and status of South African student film.

Wits Theatre Complex GM and co-ordinator of the festival Melanie Keartland says: “The festival is a first ever national student film and television festival in South Africa’.

Five delegates (consisting of four film students and a lecturer), each from 12 film institutions, will be attending the festival for three days. During this time, the students will share their work, network with industry leaders and find out how to make a living from their art.

Head of Industry Development at the SABC, Eddie Manzingana, says that this initiative presents a structured opportunity for learners to enhance their skills. Keartland began talks last year with Manzingana for the SABC to come on board.

Former first-year Wits students Kieran James Reid and Lonwabo Mavuso started a student organisation called KLM Arts Management, which will market the event, having received funding from the GFC.

The festival includes screening sessions for each of the 12 participating films and television training institutions countrywide. Tickets are priced at R10 per session and available at the Wits Theatre.


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