New Insurance Campaign


A “guard poodle’ and a “rooster mobile’ may not be the images one would normally associate with an insurance company, but that is the point of Santam’s two new television commercials: to portray short-term insurance not as the grudge purchase that people traditionally believed it to be, but rather as something completely different – a lifestyle option to make one’s life safer.

The commercials encourage Santam clients to take advantage of a risk management service that will source safety features and services – ranging from guard-dog training to advanced driving courses – on their behalf and at discounted rates. The offer applies to all services within the three categories of home and business, vehicle, and personal safety.

Margaret Massie, Executive Head of People and Brand at Santam, explains that the commercials are part of Santam’s campaign to promote proactive risk management solutions.

“Our approach is to offer clients a more trouble-free and rewarding life by enabling them to take positive actions that will minimise the risks that they face,’ she says.

Massie notes that the new commercials represent the third and final stage of Santam’s risk management offering, and that the intention is to show clients how they can practically benefit from the risk management initiative.

“First, we told South Africa about risk management through our national Extreme Risk Management competition. Then we brought them an exciting risk-reduction offering to assess their homes, vehicles or small businesses for safety, security and structural risks to ensure that they are correctly covered.

“And now, we are very excited to introduce the customised service that will help clients to source safety services, anything from burglar bars to self-defence classes, in the areas where they live and work, at the best possible rates.’

The television commercials were created with the help of award-winning creative agency DraftFCB Cape Town, whose MD Brian Stockdale says, “This is the initiative from Santam that we have been waiting for. We are now telling consumers that it is about taking control and that Santam gives you that control. The advertisements take the form of an emotive dialogue with Santam, while the humorous angle assists in portraying Santam as a lifestyle brand.’


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