New film feast on the box


M-Net has become renowned for its superb selection of movies, which can currently be enjoyed on main channel M-Net as well as M-Net Movies 1 and M-Net Movies 2, and there is even.

Movie buffs will be pleased to learn that M-Net is launching a new movie channel, M-Net Stars, on 1 November 2007. It will be found on DStv’s channel 154.

Jan du Plessis, Head of M-Net Channels, explains: “M-Net already covers the entire spectrum of top releases: action, drama, romance, comedy… you name it. But market research identified a need for another channel providing more entertaining, feel-good movies.

“M-Net Stars will predominantly feature movies suitable for the entire family. The channel will be packed with contemporary classics and firm favourites. From time to time there will be movie festivals built around themes, events or your favourite movie stars.’

M-Net Stars will run 24/7 with at least one movie premiere a day. Comedy forms the backbone of the channel’s line-up, but the channel will also feature action and adventure films and big-screen dramas.

Each month M-Net Stars will roll out the red carpet for some of Hollywood’s biggest entertainers. In November funnyman Steve Martin leads the way in laugh-a-minute classics such as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Father of the Bride 1, Father of the Bride 2 and Planes and Trains & Automobiles. The inimitable Bette Middler tickles the funny bone in Hocus Pocus, Ruthless People and Outrageous Fortune.

Other Hollywood legends featured in the channel’s first month include Kevin Kline in I Love You To Death, Kirsty Alley in It Takes Two, Adam Sandler in WaterBoy, Robin Williams in Jack, Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal in Throw Momma From The Train, Tom Selleck in Three Men and a Baby, and Meryl Streep in She Devil.

November will also be official “spoof’ month on M-Net Stars. While you wrap up the year’s work before the silly season starts, laugh your troubles away with over-the-top blockbusters such as Airplane I & 2, Spaceballs, Spy Hard and Top Secret.

If you like movies, you’ll simply love M-Net Stars!


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