Technology alone won’t decide Mobile TV future


In response to the publication of the EU (European Union) proposal on
Mobile TV, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has welcomed the
Commission’s efforts to foster the development of a new mode of TV delivery
across Europe and ensure interoperability and competitiveness of receiving
devices. It also emphasises the support that public broadcasters give to
new digital services, such as mobile television.

The EBU appreciates that the Commission’s Communication does not mandate a
single standard for Mobile TV, and encourages it to follow its recommended
principle of technological neutrality, ie. any one technology should not be
favoured over another.

Public broadcasters believe that the pace of technological development
precludes the adoption of any one standard for mobile broadcasting at this
stage. They furthermore believe that it should be up to businesses to define
attractive business models that will entice consumers to opt for the
standard they like best.

Commenting on the newly published proposal the President of the EBU, Fritz
Pleitgen (ARD/WDR), said “Technology alone will not decide the future of
Mobile TV. New devices will not be attractive unless they can show what the
audience wants to see.” He stressed the fact that, “Europe’s audiences want
outstanding content on all significant platforms. The unique, valuable and
diverse content which Europe’s public broadcasters produce is a vital part
of that offering.”

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the largest association of national
broadcasters in the world (75 active Members in 56 countries, 43 associate
Members in 25 countries further afield).


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