Commercial gets recognition


Get filthy Rich, directed by Jo Horn with visual effects and animation by Brenton Green, was awarded a finalist certificate at this year’s New York Advertising Festival.

“To be a finalist in an international competition of this stature is an achievement in itself. To be the only South African entrant to have reached the finals makes me very proud. The technology and advances in creativity means you can free people’s imagination allowing them to do and think about things that they would not have believed were possible. This once again highlights the exceptional work we create in-house with restricted budgets’, says Jo Horn.

Director of Animation Brenton Green adds: “To create an over the top set highlights the fact that imagination and time make an awesome combination. Creating sets, environments or worlds have become very feasible in today’s film and advertising industries. Although budgets may be worlds apart, it doesn’t mean that the quality of work should be. The passion for creating cannot be limited by monetary restrictions.

We have the tools and creativity to achieve anything. It is just a matter of time and money to envision a lot of additions to the frames, and enhancements to the imagery to make it look believable’.


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