Seven – the magic number


This year marks the 7th anniversary of The Refinery’s work with one of South Africa’s most celebrated soapies, 7de Laan.

7de Laan initially started with only a two day shoot per week. Their growth has seen them turn into a daily production with a viewership of roughly 1.8 million viewers per episode.

The soapie has their own Avid Suite at The Refinery as well as an audio mixer, with the facility handling the entire post production process. 7de Laan also hire The Refinery’s studios in Lonehill, which provides them with all their recording equipment from cameras and lighting to audio. According to 7de Laan line producer Colin Howard in the seven years, the production has had very smooth ride with The Refinery

“They have been a major role player in the show’s success since its inception,’ says Howard.


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