New Durban meeting place for filmmakers


As part of the re-structuring of the quaint Kwasuka theatre in Greyville, Durban, a film initiative has been launched aptly named KwaCinema. It held its first weekend screenings on 12 – 15 April.

Local theatre producer Themi Venturas has recently taken over the venue and is determined to see it used as a communal creating space especially for emerging, new, young and adventurous work in various genres. Specialist teams have been created to ensure that no genre is ignored with the focus now being on innovative theatre / dance / music and film – all with the emphasis on new and local work.

Karen Logan and Neil Coppen head up the film division (KwaCinema) and their mission is to create a meeting place whereby Durban film-makers and film enthusiasts will be able to screen and discuss cinema and have a forum to experiment with locally made film.

The intimate theatre seats 115 people and Logan and Coppen are currently sourcing a projector and screen as well as developing interest and support for the project.

The division aims at organizing regular film festivals centred around diverse filmic mediums such as animation, documentary, music video, shorts, full length, arthouse, experimental as well as commissioning local film initiatives. To this end, they are planning “The One Minute Fixed Frame Film Festival’. The organizers are currently searching for interested parties to climb on board and assist in utilising this space and opportunity.

“Durban offers very little support to local film makers, the KwaCinema initiative aims to provide a valuable networking point whereby filmmakers will be able to discuss and receive feedback on their films,’ says Coppen.

“A project like this can only work with the participation and enthusiasm of independent Durban filmmakers and audiences. Rather than this being a flash in the pan idea, we sincerely hope the KwaCinema will become the premier independent screening and meeting point for Independent film makers,’ he says.


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