The November Creative Circle results


The November results of The Creative Cirecle awards have been released.


To few entries – Held over for December Award


1. 8 Ink Media/National Geographic Kids Afrikaans Magazine – Campaign

Kameelperd/Muishond/Seekat’ – FoxP2

2. Toyota/Rav4 “Shifted Plates’ – FCB JHB

3. Cape Legends/Neethlingshof Wines “Honest Wines’ – FCB CT


1 Two Oceans Aquarium “Entrance’ – Saatchi & Saatchi (CT)

2. Ford/Focus S.T. “Speedy’ – JWT (Jhb)

3. Multichoice/M-Net “Uninterrupted Movies’ – Ogilvy


1. Elliott International “Cat’ – Promise

2 Drive Alive “Road Kill’ – Net#Work BBDO

3. Coca Cola/Powerade “Ice Rugby’ – Lowe Bull (CT)


1. Nando’s “Tony’ – Lowe Bull (Jhb)

2 Independent Newspapers/Cape Argus “Dictator’ (Mugabe) – KingJames (CT)

3. Brandhouse/Windhoek Light “Bottomless Pit’ – KingJames (CT)

The judging panel for November 2006 comprised of :

Alistair King KingJames

PJ Kinsley Singh & Sons

Chris Gotz Ogilvy

Andrew Whitehouse FoxP2

Livio Tronchin TJDR

Porky Hefer Lowe Bull

Leon Jacobs Saatchi & Saatchi

Kyle Cochren BDO

Stephen Burke Bester Burke


What a disappointing month. Maybe everyone was too busy pitching or something, but there were very few entries, and hardly any handsome ones. For what its worth though, the winners were all worthy.

Film was won by the newest member of the creative circle, a start up agency who has lived up to its name in their first ad for Elliot International. It’s the ad where the guy drops his cat out of the apartment block window because he forgot that he had moved. That commercial just pipped Drive Alive “Road kill’, a disturbing but beautiful set of portraits of dead animals on the road – I don’t even want to know where they got the cast for this one. In third place was Coca Cola/Powerade “Ice Rugby’.

I’m going to gloss over radio quickly because the memories are just too painful. First place; Nando’s “Tony’. Second Place; Cape Argus “Dictator’. Third Place; Windhoek Light “Bottomless Pitt’.

The Magazine work however was very cool. Fox P2 continue doing good stuff on National Geographic by winning for their campaign for their Kids Afrikaans Magazine, campaign entitled “Afrikaans is anders’. It’s a simple campaign that is beautifully done. That was followed by Toyota Rav 4 “Shifted Plates’ and third placed Cape Legends/Neethlingshof Wines “Honest wines’.

The wining entry for outdoor was a clear winner points-wise, from Saatchi CT for Two Oceans Aquarium “Entrance’. Basically a door way to the Two Oceans Aquarium is floated in the sea below the bridges at the V&A Waterfront. Ford Focus S.T “Speedy’ came in second, followed by Multichoice/M-Net “Uninterrupted Movies’.

It’s clearly been an exhausting end to the year for all. Rest well and have a safe and peaceful break.

Over and out.




Agency: FoxP2

Client: 8 Ink Media

Product: National Geographic Kids Afrikaans Magazine

Title: Afrikaans is Anders “Kameelperd/Muishond/Seekat’

CD: Andrew Whitehouse/Justin Gomes/Noel Cottrell

AD: Ryan Barkhuizen

CW: Mike Pearson

Ilustrat: Ryan Barkhuizen


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Client: Two Oceans Aquarium

Product: Two Oceans Aquarium

Title: Entrance

CD: Leon Jacobs

AD: David Malan

CW: Aaron Harrison

Produc. Co N/A

Photog: N/A


Agency: Promise

Client: Elliott International


Title: Cat

CD: Marc Watson & Ben du Plessis

AD: Marc Watson

CW: Ben du Plessos

Prod Co: Fresh Eye Films

Director: Dule

Editor: Shaun Broude-Riot Post

Audio Eng: Louis Enslin – Produce


Agency: Lowe Bull

Client: Nando’s


Title: Tony

CD: Gareth Lessing

CW: P J Eales/Gavin Dexter

Prod Co: Sonovision

Audio Eng: Paul Geddes/Paul Baxter

Voice: Richard Nwamba


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