Pierce Brosnan joins the star list in Cannes


The stars of Prison Break are not the only heartthrobs at MIPCOM 2006: former James Bond Pierce Brosnan is also be in Cannes to promote the sequel to 1999’s gentleman thief flick The Thomas Crown Affair.

Asked whether he would rather play a gentleman thief or a gentleman spy, Bronson said he had no real preference. “I decided to do the Crown film so I could play a different note in a similar genre. The sequel’s scripts will be ready next month, and we’ll start shooting in the new year.”

As far as Bronson is concerned, he is happy to put James Bond behind him. Thomas Crown is a film close to his heart as it was one of the first film produced by his own compay, Irish Dream Time. “We took the original off the shelf a while ago a€” we took the old film’s story as a starting point for ours a€” and MGM went with it.”

The Croisette will also get to the lighter side of things with special Portman Entertainment guest appearance of British comedian and author Stephen Fry while the US comic bit will be represented by the Wayans brothers who are here to promote Thugaboo, a new kids animation series.


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