Emmy win for – ‘A Lion’s Trail’


At the 27th Annual Emmy Awards of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences hosted in Manhattan, New York on the evening of Monday 25 September, local documentary a€˜A Lion’s Trail’ was award an Emmy for Outstanding Artistic and Cultural Programming. The film, directed by Francois Verster and produced by Verster, Dan Jawitz and Mark Kaplan, tells the story of how Solomon Linda’s “Mbube” was transformed into “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and follows attempts to redress injustices around the song’s copyright.

Verster concluded his acceptance speech by saying, “The fact that a film with this topic has won an award on American soil is significant in that it reflects a growing acknowledgement of broader global injustice a€” and that Africa is in various ways is beginning to reclaim its rightful place in the world.”
The film was funded by the IDC, the NFVF, SABC3, RTBF, NOS and BBC and has been broadcast in 17 countries. The Emmy nomination was put forward by PBS’s Independent Lens series, where it was broadcast last year.

See the September issue for a full interview with Francois Verster.


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