HDTV Lift-Off at IBC


One of the IBC conference theme days is concentrated on HD and will be lead by producer David Wood.

On Friday 8 September there will be three pillars to the day: content a€” how you produce HD; business a€” how you can deliver HD and what will deliver audiences; and of course technology a€” what are the key issues.

According to Wood, technology challenges remain. “At one end producers demand all the creative tools they are used to, but in HD; at the other you can now buy an HDV camcorder for less than a thousand euros (R8,900), and the new Sony and Panasonic AVCHD format has introduced another option. To help visitors find their way through the maze we are starting the day with a technology briefing from two knowledgeable and lively experts.”

“At the other end of the day we are going to watch some of the finest HD productions in the finest possible viewing conditions, with excellent projection and 5.1 sound. We will certainly have excerpts from BBC’s landmark natural history series Planet Earth and from the 2006 Winter Olympics.”

“We also hope to be able to show some examples of 1080/50p content from Scandinavia a€” the future of HD.”


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