Strangers cops two trophies


Strangers, the film based on the story Stranger written by Bonolo Cebe, winner of the Ciak Junior 2006 story writing competition, received two trophies at the Ciak international awards ceremony in Italy this weekend. The trophies awarded were for film with best subject and best South African film.

For the past two years SA has won the Ciak Junior competition with the films Lucky and Mbiya & His Cow. Strangers was produced by Mindpool Productions as part of a SABC Education project.

Strangers tells the story of two sisters who discover that their mother who they believed had died years ago in a horrific fire is still alive. Deciding to unravel the mystery, the girls embark on a journey to the city to find out the truth. What they discover as they confront their past, changes their lives forever.

The Ciak Junior competition gives children aged between 10 and 15 the chance to write stories that are important to them, and have them made into a short film which is shown on television. SABC will broadcast Strangers later this year.


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