Letting it all hang out


To celebrate Wonderbra National Cleavage Day on April 7th, Wonderbra South Africa has come up with an interesting marketing campaign to promote the first ever Magnetic Wonderbra.

Held together in the front by a powerful magnetic clasp, the bra is on offer for a limited time.

To let women know that the bra is in stores, Wonderbra together with their advertising agency FoxP2 placed busts with the new bra on the inside of shop windows and stuck men’s metal items (wedding bands, belts, zippers, coins, necklaces etc) to the outside of the windows to demonstrate the power of the bra’s magnetic clasp.

The magnetic attraction of the bra has proved just too strong for mall walkers though, who have helped themselves to coins, watches,
cellphones even belts in the four major centres around South Africa.
As the displays were insured, items are being replaced almost as fast as they’re being liberated.


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