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Wed, 12 Jul 2017 10:33
Laurence Smith, executive at Graphic Image Technologies

A few years ago, the only way news stations were able to transmit news live from the scene was from a Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) transmitting the feed via satellite. Furthermore, news stations were unable to transmit their live video back to the station through a public cellular network. This was largely due to smartphones and other devices in the area that tended to use most of the available bandwidth.

Today, with advances in compression, and a better understanding of collectively using different cellular carriers’ services, TVU Networks, have evolved their products to fit the needs of journalists and broadcasters that are ‘on-the-go’ and unable to utilise large, costly satellite trucks.

This gave rise to the requirement for light, portable broadcast ‘packs’, solving these challenges. However, as technology never stands still and is dynamic, we are seeing new iterations of these mobile packs. A perfect example of this evolution is the move from the TVU Pack to the TVU One. Both products are portable and able to stream a video feed over 4G LTE networks yet the TVU One weights only one kilogram and now offers resilient broadcast-quality video uplink while enhancing freedom of mobility in the field for all live broadcast media outlets.

Laurence Smith, executive at Graphic Image Technologies says: “With TVU One, broadcasters of live video can take full advantage of a small, lightweight, IP-based high-definition video field transmitter without having to choose between performance, features or picture quality.”

The TVU One is an all-in-one solution that is smaller and niftier than its predecessor, and packs a serious punch for such a lightweight device. It comes with a rechargeable internal battery, and has options for multiple embedded cellular modems and external USB modems to ensure connectivity when its needed.

“Whether the event takes place inside an arena or in a place without infrastructure, like a golf course or mountain bike race, this TVU transmitter is versatile enough to transmit video from wherever you need it – including moving vehicles,” Smith explains.

With a simple one-button operation, this transmitter can also be controlled wirelessly using a mobile phone or from a studio location with a TVU Receiver or Transceiver video decoder device. The TVU One solution comes standard with an internal rechargeable battery that delivers 120 minutes of use with ultra-low power consumption. The TVU One can also simultaneously live stream and record with HD file transfer functionality that ensures the delivery of a HD quality error-free video clip to the studio in real-time, without needing to wait until the clip is fully recorded on the transmitter. Furthermore, using TVU Grid, TVU’s IP based video switching, routing and distribution solution, a broadcaster is able to share a TVU One live video transmission with any other TVU Grid enabled station in any location, quickly and easily as the TVU Grid presents very low latency when switching, routing or distributing live video.

“The TVU One, now available from Graphic Image Technologies, gives content broadcasters industry-leading video transmission resiliency that they can depend on, with high-definition picture quality and speed, with sub-second latency (as low as 0.8 seconds). It is this trifecta of reliability, quality and mobility, along with the fact that the TVU One is Facebook Live ready, that will appeal to video content creators, enabling them to reach new audiences over the air and on the web,” concludes Smith.

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