Quicklink to debut Remote Communicator at NAB 2017
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Tue, 11 Apr 2017 13:30
Quicklink Remote Communicator workflow

At NAB 2017, Quicklink will debut their brand new Quicklink Remote Communicator product. The solution that was launched earlier this year will be demonstrated on the Quicklink booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 24 to 27 April.

The Quicklink Remote Communicator allows you to stream video and audio to a web browser and return audio and video or audio only in real time, full duplex with ultra-low delay.

The Remote Communicator can be used to create ad hoc ultra-low delay video/audio contributions from any device using a web browser, easily share high quality return video to a remote user and integrate ultra-low delay audio commentary into your workflow.

The Remote Communicator is controlled and managed by the Quicklink Communicator Portal (QCP), the QCP provides complete management of all remote users and enables administrators to create managers/users and oversee server status and availability.

Quicklink will also be showing their popular TX Skype call transceivers at NAB. Designed in partnership with Microsoft, the TX Multi is a Skype video call management system that allows for multiple calls within a single hardware unit.

The Quicklink TX enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through an SDI and HDMI interface. The TX unit can receive from and send to any video-enabled device running Skype, providing broadcasters unrivalled access to millions of Skype users.

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