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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 11:04
Peter Kyriakos

AT CABSAT 2017, Sony Professional Solutions will showcase a range of next generation media and broadcast solutions through their exhibiting partners – AMT, FABT and UBMS. The company aims to demonstrate a variety of solutions to redefine content production, delivery and overall workflow in an ever-demanding broadcast industry.

CABSAT visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the Sony HDC-4800 and Sony HDC-4300 cameras renowned for their incredible 4K, HD as well as Ultra-Slow Motion and Super-Slow motion capabilities. Furthermore, they will also get to experience the Sony PXW-Z450 – the world’s first 4K shoulder-mount XDCAM camcorder engineered for exceptional weight balance and low power consumption alongside exceptional networking features.

For media and broadcast professionals looking for a low-cost production unit without compromising on quality, the Full HD handheld camcorder HXR-NX5R, the multi-camera live producer MCX-500 and remote controller RM-30BP will all be on display at the event working together to illustrate the elite production quality that can be generated from three inter-connected devices.

“Our primary goal is to engineer the absolute best media and broadcast solutions for our partners and customers given the demands of the market,” said Peter Kyriakos, head of Marketing, Sony Professional Solutions. “With the rising consumption patterns across the region combined with a consumer’s desire for content of the highest quality, it is evident that the solutions we provide to media and broadcast industry need to focus not just on the quality of video and imaging, but the entire workflow process be it recorded or live. Furthermore, one of our mandates is to provide solutions that lower production costs without compromising quality of the final output.”

Among the solutions showcased with partners, a key product highlight from Sony Professional Solutions is its next-generation media asset management solution - Media Backbone NavigatorX. It provides fast, intuitive access to assets in any format, any location, on any device and works seamlessly with today’s leading non-linear editors, allowing direct access to key assets from within the applications and an easy, no-hassle way to archive finished projects.

Furthermore, visitors will also have the unique opportunity to experience the highly reliable Optical Disc Archive System.

Hero solutions at CABSAT 2017:

Sony HDC 4800
4K 8x Super Motion Camera System with Replay Server Function, built for sports live production. The Sony HDC-4800 camera system combines 4K resolution with 8x Ultra Slo mo capabilities. This power is combined with dynamic cut-out and zoom capabilities for live sports and event production. Furthermore, this camera is complemented by the BPU-4800 combination baseband processor unit/replay server that enables continuous recording of Ultra High Frame rate 4K (8x super motion) content up to 4 hours.

Sony HDC 4300
The HDC-4300 4K/HD camera system is aimed at broadcasters who want a solid option that combines everyday HD requirements with future-proof 4K acquisition. To that end, the camera can output HD and 4K simultaneously, and it features the ability to create HD cut-outs from a larger 4K image in real time. The Sony HDC-4300 has a 2/3-inch camera mount that works directly with B4 lenses. The B4-mount supports both HD and 4K lenses enabling the user to capture sports scenes with a deep depth of field.

Sony PXW-Z450
The Sony PXW-Z450 is the world’s first 4K XDCAM shoulder camcorder with 2/3-type image sensor. Capable of capturing superb 4K (3840 x 2160) picture quality from new 2/3-type Exmor R™ CMOS sensor, the camcorder possesses exceptional weight balance and low power consumption alongside excellent networking features. The camcorder also supports multi-format recording for a variety of applications, allowing users to shoot at robust 1080p HD or 4K when needed.

Sony Optical Disc Archive
Optical Disc Archive system adopts a new, high-capacity optical media. Rated with a 100 year shelf life, the Sony Optical Disc doubles the capacity of a single cartridge. It also introduces an 8-channel optical drive unit doubling read/write speeds over the previous generation, accommodating 4K video in real time and provides backward compatibility.

Sony HXR-NX5R / MCX-500/ RM-30 BP Live Production Solution
The HXR-NX5R / MCX-500/ RM-30BP Live Production Solution is designed to make it easy for a single camera operator to offer customers a high quality, multi-camera live production service, including live streaming and recording. This innovative, affordable new switcher is easy to learn, simple to operate and yet fully featured with all the functions and input/outputs required by small to medium live productions.

Media Navigator X
The Media Backbone Navigator X, the scalable, flexible and affordable asset management solution, offering new features to deliver easier, quicker and more efficient asset and workflow management. It offers support for virtually any file format, connects with all major non¬linear editing systems (NLEs), and exports media to the cloud, social media or any location on your network or local machine. Users will be able to manage content assets in a range of formats, with flexible feature options for production, archiving and workflow automation.

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