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TV series encourages civic duties
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Fri, 04 Mar 2011 12:09

As from 10 March, SABC1 will air the SABC Education series, Walala Wasala, which informs youth about civic rights and duties and encourages active participation in South Africa’s democratic processes. Walala Wasala is produced by Kagiso TV and Communications for SABC Education and the Independent Electoral Commission’s civic and democracy education campaign.

“Themes of the series include, identity, freedom of speech, xenophobia, boozing it up, education, training, public transport and social media. Walala Wasala will provide the youth with a platform to expose socio-political issues that affect their day-to-day lives,” says Futhi Ngubane, commissioning editor at SABC Education’s Youth and Tweens development unit.

In each episode presenters 'Tol A$$ Mo' and Miranda Mokhele visit a place where youth have a beef about service delivery with their local municipality. They explore how the powers that be can sort it out. Working under the conception that democracy means accountability from government, and access to information for citizens, including the younger ones, 'Mo' tries to find answers to sticky questions like ‘is my public transport dependent on what the taxi industry says’, and ‘is nepotism the only way to get a job?’

Ngubane adds: “We hope Walala Wasala will help enhance one’s civic duty to build democratic processes among the youth. Walala Wasala is based around the context of the 2011 local government elections, using hot new talent ‘Tol A$$ Mo’ who takes us into the streets, offices and head quarters of municipal governance.” 

The series runs on Thursdays at 6.30pm.

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