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SABC 1 against violence with #khulumabreakthesilence campaign
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Mon, 05 Jun 2017 13:31

SABC1 is rallying the South African public to take a bold and unwavering stand in denouncing the massive scourge of violence against women and children currently sweeping across the country.

The channel’s campaign is carried under the banner #khulumabreakthesilence. The campaign adopts many forms headlined by the channel’s collaboration with well-known rapper and one of the judges on SABC1’s One Mic show, Aewon Wolf.

The rapper’s track, Khuluma, co-produced by Mnqobi and Sketchy Bongo, will become the rallying point in the national mission to encourage the public to break the silence and loudly speak against this particular form of violence and brutality.

“As an active role-player in the youth culture space, SABC 1 cannot remain unresponsive in the face of the violence perpetrated against our most-vulnerable members of society, women and children.” says Clara Nzima, head of SABC1.
“We will drive dialogue on all our platforms to raise awareness and support action against this scourge. None of us can afford to keep silent anymore.” she adds.

The #khulumabreathesilence campaign will also find expression on the Live Amp episode on Friday 9 June at 19h30, with a performance by Aewon Wolf and messages encouraging the youth of Mzansi to break the silence and speak out and take action against this social plague.

“The sickness of abuse is growing silently in our country. As an artist I couldn’t just sit back and be quiet on this issue so I reached out to the SABC to do something that can actually help and break the silence so we can all help fight it,” says rapper, Aewon Wolf.

SABC1 will be utilising its talent, on-air promos, TV shows such as Live Amp, Daily Thetha, YOTV and others, to provide continuous propagation of messages speaking out against this brutal behaviour whilst encouraging society to address the issue head on wherever it rears its ugly head.

A live music video will also be created incorporating a collage of images of missing women and children to continue to drive the conversations

South Africans are also encouraged to report any suspected abuse via the POWA (People Opposed to Women Abuse) hotline at: 0800 150 150

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