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Anant Singh outlines SA’s contribution to the international film industry on CNN
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Mon, 20 Mar 2017 11:32

On 17 March Inside Africa on CNN International focused on South Africa’s film industry, a place quickly becoming a hotbed for major international film productions as well as carving out its own diverse pool of Oscar nominated talent, with local creatives beginning to direct their own futures.

From art departments to camera operators and top producers, the South African film industry is gaining much attraction from international markets. The programme reported from Cape Town, where it met producer Anant Singh.

In the episode Singh highlights the contribution and future growth of South Africa’s film industry to international markets having co-produced the 2013 film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom from the city.

Singh on what is unique about film-making in South Africa: “What is special about what we offer, as a film community, is this diversity on the continent. There’s very few places you can go to and try and get a film made, be able to rent your cameras, have the technical, creative, the actors pool, the locations, the infrastructure, the incentives… All of that combined, make us probably the most attractive (English language) prospect in the world, I think.”

Singh on meeting Nelson Mandela whilst making Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom:
“I was honoured that he chose me to be the custodian of the film based on his autobiography… With it came huge responsibilities… This is our father, our leader, but what was most important was that he said to me, when he granted me the rights, ‘I trust you…Tell the story, show my weaknesses more than my strengths.’… That, as a filmmaker, is music to our ears.”

Singh on producing Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom at Cape Town Film Studios: “The idea of building film studios in Cape Town, or in South Africa, was something I was always passionate about… It’s been an enormous success, probably 99 percent occupied since its inception, even before we finished, a film moved in there.”

Singh on why the Cape Town Film Studios has been popular with international film producers: “I think we’ve got probably the best technical and creative community in the world... People love working here… We have the capacity and that is a huge attraction, plus you have the exchange rate, then you have the locations and international actors love coming to Cape Town to shoot.”

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