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People Passion Purpose set to inspire Mzansi
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Thu, 09 Feb 2017 13:26

People Passion Purpose is a six-part series of inspirational regional documentaries. The home-grown series follows individuals across South Africa, as they tell their unique stories to a variety of filmmakers. The documentaries will air every Sunday, from 19 February 2017 at 18h05 on and eHD. has, over the past few years, aired rich and colourful documentaries some of which, received significant international recognition. The seasons were filled with extraordinary, informative and inspiring stories from around the country. One of the most extraordinary stories aired in 2015 was VenRap: Taking Hip Hop To The Streets. The documentary focused on two young Venda men, Oriel Makhokha and Fhululani Nemahunguni, who set up a digital radio station 'Venrap Radio' to help out up-and-coming Venda hip hop artists share their talents of rhyming and beat boxing in diverse languages of Limpopo.

People Passion Purpose will give Mzansi a chance to explore unexpected cultural developments across provinces including Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Free State and the Eastern Cape. Each show is produced by different filmmakers, focusing on different and unique elements of each province in an effort to shine a light on the way South Africa is growing, shifting and progressing.

“Documentaries are a supreme form of expression,” says Marlon Davids, MD at’s Channel Division. “ provides a platform for ordinary South Africans to share their narratives. The return of People Passion Purpose highlights key facts and voices that inspire us broadly to identify challenges, create opportunities and drive change.”

One of the inspiring stories which forms part of the six-part series is titled The Rhyming Saint, produced by Thape Media in Mpumalanga. The documentary follows 23 year-old Nhlanhla Solomon Spencer AKA ‘Real Saint’, who grew up without parents. He and his producer made internationally-recognised music in a shack in the small mining town of Delmas. He is the first South African Christian gospel hip hop artist to have an album on iTunes.

Another intriguing documentary that viewers can look forward is titled Mbobozebeshu. In Northern KZN, there is a village known as Ingwavuma, where a 66 year old man refuses to sway with the ‘modern’ tidal wave. In Mbobozebheshu’s home, every house in the yard was built by him using mud, stones and beer bottles to decorate. Mbobozebheshu claims that the government refused to build him an RDP home because according to the map, he seems to fall on the Swaziland border therefore he cannot receive water or electricity from the SA government.

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