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New local music drama series to air on this September
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Tue, 06 Sep 2016 11:30
The lead cast of Hustle

Hustle follows has-been music diva, Kitt, who has lost her mojo after a long and successful career. Kitt released hit after hit to her adoring fan base and performed to sold-out crowds on the biggest stages in the 80s, but now, her career has crashed. She started off - like many great artists - in a performing group with her sister and best friend. Her extraordinary voice and hot ambition made her stand out, and when the chance came to go solo, she grasped it without looking back.

That fame is a distant memory now, but Kitt is trying to make a come-back. Hustle is the chronicle of her bid to return to the top of the charts. Shaking the ‘has-been’ label proves tougher than she thought – the modern music world is very different to the one she ruled in the 80s.

Hustle features a range of Mzansi talent. Award-winning Brenda Ngxoli takes the lead as Kitt Khambule who shares the screen with Masello Motana (Neo Sithole - Kitt’s sister and Bra X’s wife); Zolisa Xaluva (Xolani ‘Bra X’ Sithole); Andile Nebulane (notorious record label owner Duma Nkosi); Dineo Ranaka (Duma’s wife Kedibone Nkosi); Lungelo Lubelwana (talented boy from the streets, S’bu); Mothusi Magano (manipulative journalist Maxwell Motene); Carlo Radebe (music promoter Jacob); Angela Sithole (celebrity wannabe Angel); Lethabo Bereng (Kitt’s best friend, Pretty) and Mandisa Nduna (artist, Thuli).

“We are certain that this epic one hour drama series will keep our viewers intrigued,” says Marlon Davids, MD at Channels Division. “Fireworx Media executed the story amazingly, showcasing Mzansi’s musical talent. Hustle is a bold drama series inspired by real South African

Series producers Fireworx Media previously produced Mzansi Love, which aired on in 2014. “The self-assured, yet gritty approach to the narrative, coupled with the sheer impact of the talent on screen, makes one sit up and take notice,” says series director Jahmil Qubeka.

About the lead cast:
Kitt Khambule (Brenda Ngxoli): 
Loved or feared, adored or disliked, but no one who meets her music or her, reacts with moderation. Kitt is an extremist, extremely realised. She’s an outcast who only finds a safe harbour late in her life. Not fitting in makes her great, but it also makes her angry and very lonely. Then again, her anger is what sustains her.

Neo Sithole (Masello Motana): 
She was initially part of the group, but left before they exploded into fame. She always felt more camaraderie with her sister Kitt’s rival, Kedi, but had to support her sister for family’s sake. She always knew her sister was a self-obsessed egotist, even as a child, and when she looks at her now, she keeps thinking what she would have done with the success her sister had achieved.

Kedibone Nkosi (Dineo Ranaka): 
Former member of The Sparrows. The good girl who was betrayed by Kitt, but who made all the correct choices – she married Duma and is a corporate wife & record label executive at Slyza Records. She wants power, recognition, and for Kitt to stay down - and far away! 

Duma Nkosi (Andile Nebulane): He handled The Sparrows, where Kitt and Kedi were pitted against each other. This is a man who has seen it all - he can spot talent and then use and abuse it. Talent excites him, but he can’t help squeezing the life out of it. He represents the power in the music industry, as the owner of successful label Slyza Records.

Xolani ‘Bra X’ Sithole (Zolisa Xaluva): Neo’s devoted husband, a motor mechanic is a simple and honest God-fearing man. His life is turned upside down when his estranged sister-in-law Kitt forces her way back into their lives. Kitt’s presence changes his life dramatically and tests everything he believes about himself. 

Maxwell Motene (Mothusi Magano): A journalist who wields his pen like a sword. A small, wizened man aged between 40 and death, Maxwell has the emotional make-up of a perfect agent: manipulative, after a fast buck and with an eye for a deal. Maxwell is also inextricably bound to Neo - in friendship, love and history. 

Sibusiso "Sbu" Nzungu (Lungelo Lubelwana): The boy from the streets who could be the most explosive talent South Africa - and the world - has seen. Can he hold it all together and ensure that the threat of a return to prison is kept at bay? He gets his deal with Slyza Records, but everything comes with strings attached.

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