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Nickelodeon’s Genius is looking for South Africa’s smartest kids
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Tue, 23 Aug 2016 11:09

Flex your mental muscles, outshine the brightest and show your smarts in the fun, educational TV quiz from Nickelodeon and ABSA, Nickelodeon’s Genius.
Trios of brainiacs aged 11 to 16 (Grades 6 to 10) are clamouring to sign up for the brand new season of Nickelodeon’s Genius, testing their maths and science know how to the limit as they battle for the title of Nickelodeon’s Genius 2017.

Tasania Parsadh, channel director for Nickelodeon Africa says: “Nickelodeon’s Genius is on a mission to get kids inspired by maths and science at an early age, and to show that learning about these subjects can be both entertaining and rewarding. We look forward to encouraging the nation’s future mathematicians and scientists to achieve their calling.”

“We want to start educating the youth of South Africa and other young people about managing their finances, from an early age. This is a great initiative to involve the youth in a fun and interactive way that ultimately lays a positive foundation for understanding the way money works and making it work for them” says Yolande Steward general marketing manager for Retail Banking at ABSA.

Sign up now by completing the Nickelodeon’s Genius quiz. You have just two minutes and three attempts to complete 10 questions to get you through to the next stage. Regional workshops for the top 30 qualifying teams will take place in Gauteng, Tshwane, Bloemfontein, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and the Eastern Cape starting August 2016 before the top two teams from every region go through to the grand final in Johannesburg in 2017.

The prize is a R100 000 Mega-U account for each of the winning team members, plus a trip to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA, where the winners will lunch with a NASA astronaut, enjoy a simulated shuttle launch and participate in an astronaut training session. They will also be treated to a visit to the Universal Orlando Theme Park.

Initial highlights of Nickelodeon’s Genius regional heats and workshops will air on NickToons (DStv 308) from December 2016, while the quiz show will air on NickToons from March 2017.

For more information on the Genius quiz show visit the Nickelodean website.

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