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Reza’s African Kitchen on Food Network
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Fri, 08 Feb 2013 13:59
Reza Mahammad, the Spice Prince

Food Network and Reza Mahammad announced his latest series, Reza’s African Kitchen, on Wednesday 6 February at Moyo restaurant in Zoo Lake in Johannesburg.

In the new series, the flamboyant ‘Spice Prince’ explores African cuisine from the spicy Indian influences of Botswana, Namibia, Zanzibar, Zambia and South Africa. He goes tiger fishing, herds sheep, tries snorkelling and much more in an attempt to discover the range of flavours and unique ingredients of southern Africa.

Reza uses his experiences during his travels as inspiration for his own mouth-watering dishes with a spicy Indian twist. He draws on his visits to Paternoster as a local chef takes him foraging for mussels; explores the Okavango Delta on horseback and finds out how the local people prepare gourmet food; visits the kitchen of Xoliswa Ndoyiya, personal chef to Nelson Mandela who gives Reza a taste of some of Madiba’s favoured dishes; and tries to catch his own dinner in the Zambezi River in Zambia, fortunately with the help of a few locals.

Many more adventures and destinations await viewers as they ‘accompany’ Reza on his creative and sometimes hilarious culinary journey.

With dishes such as Mussels in a Spicy Tomato and Tamarind Sauce, Rib Eye Steak with Mango Pickle and a Borlotti Bean and Chickpea Casserole, Spicy Prawns in a Coconut Sauce, Rack of Lamb in a Saffron Sauce and Reza’s Brioche Duck Bunny Chow, the show is sure to enthuse and entertain viewers.

Reza’s African Kitchen shows on Food Network Channel 175 on DStv on weekdays at 11h50 and 14h45. Programmes are repeated Mondays at 21h00 and Sundays at 13h05 and 14h45.

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