Parks Associates study shows that OTT services are on the rise
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Tue, 09 Jun 2015 17:06
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2015 will see a significant rise in the popularity of over-the-top (OTT) video services, but according to a Parks Associates study, we are a long way from peak OTT.

The report – The OTT Playbook, Part II: Keys to Building Momentum, commissioned by Vindicia and Ooyala – states that the OTT market now has more than 65 players, either presently offering video services or announcing plans to do so within the next few months. The report found that in addition to current OTT leaders Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO and Amazon Prime, a number of up and coming players – SingTel, Sony, Warner Bros, and Samsung – across major markets have stated their intentions to introduce OTT services.

Additionally, according to Rapid TV News, Parks Associates calculated that approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide actively watch online video on a variety of connected devices, representing just over a fifth of the planet's population. Furthermore, it estimated 900 million access TV programming and movies online today, and predicts this number will rise to over 1.3 billion video viewers by 2019.

Parks Associates believes that OTT consumers' first priority is content while the size of the video library and the amount of recent content were also important factors.

Right after content, service availability was another critical consideration and even though in-home viewing of content with a mobile device is common, and consumers expect an OTT service to be available on multiple platforms, most consumers still wanted to watch on the largest screen available. Yet, almost half of consumers who watch video on connected devices still want to be able to use four or more different connected platforms to access OTT video content.

That said, the report also identified areas in which it felt providers in general needed to up their game, namely; differentiation, accurate targeting, service discovery, availability and monetisation. As regards the latter, Parks noted that several business model and promotional options beyond free trial periods were emerging for OTT services that can encourage greater and/or recurring revenues. These currently include ad-free subscriptions, restricted content subscriptions, bundling of linear channels online, limited subscriptions with premium transactional use and loyalty programmes.

"OTT services face a race for content and a race to reach consumers on all of their connected devices," commented Vindicia SVP marketing Bryta Schulz. "However, with so many players entering the market, interesting content and widespread availability alone are not enough to guarantee survival. Players must be able to look beyond their own services and establish strategies to achieve success in the context of heightened competition."

Source: Rapid TV News

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