DoPchoice showcases light refining accessories at NAB 2016
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Mon, 14 Mar 2016 12:14
DoPchoice Snapgrid

Munich-based DoPchoice will roll out its full line of light refining accessories at the 2016 NAB Show, taking place from 16 to 21 April in Las Vegas. DoPchoice will showcase its patented Snap Technology, Snapgrids, Snapbags and Butterfly grids that offer easy-use, set-up and teardown in compact and lightweight designs made to enhance the filmmaker’s ability to guide the light.

Patented Snapbags combine DoPchoice’s self-tightening solution with an instant snap-up softbox. The Snapbags create soft light up to 8’x8’ with no spill and eliminate the need for speed rings making set-up and tear down simpler.

Snapgrids utilise DoPchoice’s proprietary Snap Technology and Snapframes for an all-in-one solution. The grids are offered in 30°, 40° or 50° light dispersion. Available in both rectangular and octagonal models, they fit popular soft lights and soft boxes.

DoPchoice’s Butterfly grids are designed in six sizes for industry standard rectangular frames, plus custom sizes. Elastic corners aid quick deployment and ensure that the grid remains taut across the frame. Double sewn and constructed of rugged materials Butterfly grids are resistant to tearing and heat from lighting equipment.

For more information visit the DoPchoice website.

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