'Black Lives Matter', directed by Joseph Oesi, is a powerful and damning indictment on the current state of affairs for tens of thousands of SA miners......
Based on Can Themba’s iconic short story, 'The Suit', had its premiere at the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) 2016 on 25 June......
ZIFF announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with the Italian NGO, ACRA. This move will not only support ZIFF......
At the 2016 DIFF, the award for the Best Feature Film went to 'The Violin Player' directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji......
The annual Eko International Film Festival is to launch a film institute during its 7th edition which will be held between 24 and 29 October......
DIFF announced its award winners on the evening of 25 June at the closing ceremony of the festival’s 37th edition which took place at The Playhouse......
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Jünger Audio promotes Smart Audio at IBC 2016
Smart Audio means investing in simple, reliable and predictable equipment that can automatically deliver audio content while maintaining the high quality......Read more
From the editor
West Africa features quite strongly in this issue. The steady growth and improving output of this region is an inspiration......Read more
And a new year begins!
And so a new year begins! We start off 2016 with an issue that offers a fairly mixed bag of subject matter......Read more
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The Violin Player trailer
At the 2016 DIFF, the award for the Best Feature Film went to 'The Violin Player' directed by Bauddhayan Mukherji...
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‘Tess’ trailer
From director Meg Rickards, 'Tess', is a hard-hitting drama based on Tracey Farren’s award winning novel 'Whiplash'...
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‘The Journeymen’ trailer
'The Journeymen' is the official opening night film of the 37th Durban International Film Festival...
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‘Twee Grade van Moord’ trailer
'Twee Grade van Moord' is set in Cape Town and directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven…
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