IBC2017 offers insights into future technologies
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Tue, 08 Aug 2017 09:47

Visitors to IBC2017 will be able to immerse themselves in a world of cutting edge
technologies, with a host of opportunities to learn about the accelerating trends that
are enhancing, customising or otherwise transforming the user experience (UX).

Media and broadcast professionals should not miss the Business Transformation
conference session entitled ‘Broadcast is about to be transformed’, with
speakers from Google, Freeview Australia, DMC and DTG discussing the myriad
disruptions currently facing broadcast on all fronts. With IP-only delivery, on demand
consumption, and personalised user experiences, what can broadcasters do today to
make the most of these transformations?

The series of Tech Talks on Sunday 17 September 2017 features several must-see
sessions that step further into the future. ‘Inventing the Future - Decoding the
promises to be a wide-ranging discussion with experts envisioning the
technologies and applications that are likely to materialise in the near and distant
future, and the impacts they might have on humanity. The panel includes senior
executives from organisations including BBC R&D, NHK, 21Million, Nuance
Communications and Disney Research.

‘Artificial Intelligence - Driving the Next Wave of Innovation’ looks at the
potential for AI, which is still largely uncharted territory. Attendees will hear from tech
pioneers including Alex Zhukov, CTO at Videogorillas and Yoav Oz, co-founder of
Spotad, about the latest developments in AI, how to harness them and how they
might affect companies and consumers.

The session ‘In Conversation with...Bots: Messaging and Voice Platforms as the
Next Battleground for Consumer’
signals that The Big Bot Battle’
surrounding Chatbots as an interface and service has begun, but there are still many
challenges for this nascent platform - including functionality, adoption, monetisation,
UX and payment integration. Panelists from organisations including Al Jazeera Media
Network, The Bot Platform and TurnUp Music will debate emerging opportunities,
challenges and winning applications for the media industry.

In the Platform Futures strand, Arash Pendari, founder of Vionlabs and tech evangelist
for UX presents ‘Future User Experience: Mathematics or Art?’, a visual and
information driven session with personalisation of content at its heart.

The Auditorium will host a Big Screen Experience entitled ‘Future Camera and
Presentation Technologies and Applications leading to AR/VR, Immersive Media, and
featuring legendary cinematographer, visual effects supervisor and
author, David Stump ASC, and light-field visionary, production executive, and motion-
picture technology innovator, Jon Karafin. In conversation with Julian Pinn, managing
director of Julian Pinn Ltd, they will discussing the latest technologies that are
destined to revolutionise how we capture images and volumetric light-fields, and how
to empower content creators to explore and display their own free-viewpoint creations
of both live-action and computer-generated content within augmented and virtual
reality immersive media playback environments, including future holographic displays.

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