Piranha Bar launches Brief Ideas film competition for scriptwriters
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Wed, 08 Mar 2017 10:28

Piranha Bar has launched Brief Ideas, an initiative seeking to provide writing talents an opportunity to make their unmade scripts a reality.

Based in Dublin, Piranha Bar is an award-winning hybrid production studio that creates both live-action and animated films. In exchange for an idea for a worthwhile cause, Piranha Bar is offering the full support of the production studio and director James Doherty.

The worldwide competition seeks to create innovative and cinematic commercial pieces, with a focus on non-traditional structures and experimental storytelling techniques.

The brief for entries is a ‘positive message,' with scripts and ideas being made for either charities, non-profits or social causes. This can include existing or previous clients (if applicable). Entrants are welcome to submit ideas in whatever format their ideas are best articulated - which can be anything from scripts and outlines to mood boards.

Explaining that himself and Piranha Bar are keen to use their skills for good causes as well as commercial projects, director James Doherty says: “We have the tools and the team at our disposal to make great film. It feels good to offer the opportunity for a writer to get their work made to a high production standard. Especially so when it involves a message that is important and needs to be heard.”

James Doherty is a multi-disciplinary director, who has animated for clients including Disney and Sony Pictures, and has since moved into live action. His award-winning film Breathe screened at festivals internationally, before being showcased by the British Film Institute in 2016.

Submissions for Brief Ideas are now open. Prospective scripts and enquiries can be directed to briefideas@piranhabar.ie. The closing date for entries is 23h59, 15 March 2017. Further details are available on the competition website.

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