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And a new year begins!
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Mon, 25 Jan 2016 09:35
Warren Holden

And so a new year begins! We start off 2016 with an issue that offers a fairly mixed bag of subject matter, from a comparison of digital audio workstation (DAW) software, to a look at South African broadcasters’ local content strategies, to a breakdown of the gear and techniques needed for successful mobile journalism.

The January edition is traditionally the one that contains our audio feature and this year we asked our regularly contributing technophile Ian Dormer to size up some of the many DAWs available on the market at the moment. He had previously done a similar exercise with grading software, and this had proven very popular among our readers. In this case, the results are a little less conclusive, showing that the choice of DAW is really a matter of personal preference for the audio engineer. Read the story on pages 26-28 and I encourage all you audio experts out there to share your opinions with us – either on social media or by contacting me directly via email.

Screen Africa made a concerted effort last year to start creating our own video content. We experimented with a number of methods until acquiring our own mobile journalism (MoJo) kit. This set-up enables us to shoot on the go using an iPad and a number of accoutrements, and for a team that works predominantly in the written word, has made the process of news and interview video creation incredibly user- friendly. On pages 34-35, we go through our kit and some of the other toys available, as well as getting some tips from Visual Impact’s Marius van Straaten on how best to master the art of MoJo – citizen journalism turned professional.

One of our main aims during 2016 is to increase our level of interaction with our readers and improve the flow of feedback to and from the industry. We kicked this off at the end of 2015 when we hosted a gathering of post-production artists and technicians in Johannesburg to discuss the challenges faced by the post sector and how to overcome them. We hope to host several similar events throughout the year, bringing various people and sectors in the industry together for frank discussions on how common problems can be solved and how the industry can be strengthened. Watch Screen Africa’s various platforms for announcements about future discussions and feel free to offer suggestions as to how you can contribute to them or even to recommend a topic that you think desperately needs to be addressed.

I hope you enjoy this issue and I wish all of you the very best for the year ahead.

By Warren Holden

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