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Time-out to tee-off
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Wed, 08 Feb 2012 13:06

Is it an eagle? Is it a birdie? Yes, it's both! Or at least it will be on next Thursday, 16 February at the Screen Africa Golf Day in Johannesburg.

For one glorious day, broadcasters, technicians, filmmakers, studios, post-production facilities and equipment suppliers can abandon the handicaps of industry issues, stay under par and let their stroke play follow-through on the rolling fairways of the CMR Golf Course in Roodepoort.

And now, a shamelessly promotional rhyme for this long-running, popular industry event:

Get out the clubs and take a swing,

Screen Africa’s Golf Day is a great thing.

Do your best to sink a putt,

Or miss the shot and feel a mutt.

Weak golfers need not worry

And for their grotty shots be sorry,

Why, it’s all in the name of fun,

And a day in the blistering sun.

The flagstick your target should make,

But be sure to avoid the lake.

And beware of bunker and sand trap,

Land in either and you’ll flap.

Get in the groove and read the green,

Don’t try and play like Mr Bean.

Keep air swings for another day,

Or surely you’ll be made to pay.

It’s clear I’m not a poet

And boy, don’t I know it.

Let’s ask for no more,

And in unison shout FORE!

Joanna Sterkowicz

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