Samsung announces new Super Ultra High Definition TVs
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Mon, 23 May 2016 10:44
Samsung SUHD TV

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced the launch of its new Super Ultra High Definition (SUHD) TV line-up, which combines the latest in cutting edge innovation and aesthetics.

The latest range of Samsung TVs have been released hot on the heels of the company’s triumph as global TV market leader for the 10th consecutive year, while also being in its tenth year of dominating the local South African TV market, according to one of the world's largest market research organisations, GfK.

The new Samsung SUHD television series comes equipped with second generation Quantum dot technology, which is renowned for its durability and extraordinary, lasting picture quality. This generation offers increased efficiency of the Quantum dot materials and an improved colour mapping algorithm. This enables the new SUHD TV to express brighter pictures and purer colours.

Matthew Thackrah, deputy managing director and head of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics South Africa, explains that the material used for this cutting-edge display can reproduce the purest and most accurate colours as individual nanoparticles. “These are smaller than one ten-thousandth the diameter of a human hair and deliver the cleanest and most vivid colours yet.”

“Samsung has applied the ‘HDR 1000’ technology to this device, which can present content with extremely high picture quality, as it expresses HDR with a peak brightness of 1000 nit - the standard for premium material produced in Hollywood,” said Thackrah.

“This allows viewers to enjoy visuals in great detail, whether the image is dark or bright. In addition, it can recreate brighter hues at a lower energy consumption than the first generation SUHD TVs.”

Thackrah added that Samsung understands that while the demand for the latest generation of technology continues unabated, today’s TV is more than just an electronic device. Consumers today view TVs as pieces of furniture that contribute to a home’s interior dιcor.

“What consumers want is art in the living room – a beautiful TV that fits seamlessly with their living space and furniture. Samsung’s SUHD TV aims to deliver innovative, boundless aesthetic appeal with its 360-degree design, which ensures your television looks good from all angles and any position it is placed within the home. This design approach is not limited to just our premium models, but includes our entry-level TVs as well.”

Furthermore, the enhanced Samsung Smart TV platform allows users to enjoy a sophisticated Smart Hub powered by Tizen, which provides an effortless viewing and navigation experience as it transcends the boundaries between various TV user environments. The Smart Hub will auto detect all connected devices, such as decoders, gaming consoles or home theatre and audio accessories. These additions are managed through a centralised visual dashboard on the first screen, which requires the use of only one TV remote to control multiple connected devices, eliminating the need for multiple remote controls in the living room.

- Source: GFK

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